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WFTO Country Representatives

Role Statement

The WFTO Secretary General appoints Country Representatives to help get the WFTO message out into the global community and to carry out various functions on behalf of the WFTO Board and Secretary General. Country Representatives will be affiliated with Organizations that are members of WFTO.
Country Representatives are asked to:

1. Serve as key contact and representative for WFTO.
2. Make representations, present briefs, and serve as a catalyst for WFTO.
3. Attend conferences and meetings, speaking about WFTO.
4. Help organize regional activities for members and the community
5. Provide regional news for publication in WFTO Global Connexion.
6. Recruit members for WFTO.
7. Provide modest resources to support these activities.
8. Maintain regular contact with the Secretary General.

WFTO will support Country Representatives by providing:

1. Resource materials : business cards (where needed), leaflets, and brochures.
2. A 'profile' in the WFTO Global Connexion.
3. Recognition in the WFTO Annual Report & Directory
4. Recognition at the International Symposium on Technology Education & Training.
5. A Certificate acknowledging role as Country Representative.

Current Country Representatives

Prof. Leonard Pagitsch - Austria

Dr. Mario Borges - Brazil

Charles Brimley - Canada

Yu Zhanglong - China

Anders Vind - Denmark

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Elsaid - Egypt

Chris Wong - Hong Kong

Ahmed Alnaib - Iraq

Hugh Gray - Ireland

Dr. Ahmad Bakar - Malaysia

Prof. Fransisco Tavera - Mexico

Dr. CK Basu - Philippines

Dr. Ludwik Komorowski - Poland

Johan de Koker - South Africa

Dr. Tayeb Kamali - United Arab Emirates

Alan Gingell - United Kingdom

George JereRoman - Zambia

For more information OR to volunteer as a Country Representative, please e-mail Nikki Glahn.