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The World Federation of Technology Organizations (WFTO) was officially launched June 13, 1995 at the 3rd International Symposium on Technology Education & Training - Innovations 2020 - held in Vancouver, Canada.
The creation of WFTO came about as a result of recommndations from the first two international symposia calling for global unity of those involved in technology education, technical professional associations and their partners in industry, government and non-governmental organizations.

Purpose of the WFTO

The WFTO purpose is to promote and enhance the recognition and careers of technicians and technologists; support technology education and training and the transfer of credentials; encourage continuing education and professional development; enhance opportunities in science and technology for women; and, promote a maintenance culture particularly as it applies to developing countries.


The WFTO Board has identified seven objectives to guide the affairs of WFTO:
1. Provide a world umbrella body for technology organizations.
2. Foster and encourage cooperation among members.
3. Support technology education, careers and technology culture
4. Promote recognition of technicians and technologists.
5. Encourage transfer of academic and professional credentials.
6. Support continuing education and professional development.
7. Advocate for Members

Advocate for Members

The WFTO represents and serves the interests of stakeholders in the applied science technologies including… all traditional engineering technologies (civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics, etc.), architecture, biosciences, forestry, surveying and mapping. Other fields may be recognized from time-to-time by the Board.