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About WFTO

Technology, the commanding source behind the development of the civilization, is once again taking a leading role in the transformation of our world. This time, in the context of the global community, technologists and technicians join forces and come together to respond to the millennium goals, as espoused by the Secretary General of the United Nations.
We are pleased to announce that the WFTO is 're-tooling' and ‘re-branding’ to improve the implementation of the original mandate, as envisioned by its founders. Scheduled to begin this year; the following objectives have been approved for the implementation:

1. WFTO will focus its attention on technologists and technicians in applied science and engineering technologies and the contribution these practitioners make to the global community.
2. WFTO will renew on the base of a virtual platform which will utilize contemporary e-solution resources to their full potential.
3. WFTO will engage a new Board with representation from the regions around the globe and based on expressions of interest, support and commitment to there WFTO Goals.
We anticipate a modest and supportive role as the global community addresses sustainability issues (food security, energy, eco/green environment, human capital, etc) and invite you to stay tuned as we work with colleagues from all corners of the globe to enhance the role of applied science and engineering technologists and technicians.
4. WFTO will re-energize an international conference on technology education and careers, to be convened once every three years. The next conference is anticipated in 2014.
5. WFTO will affiliate with other related organizations such as the World Federation of Engineering Organisation (WFEO)


Our Partners

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A Statement of Vision

Whenever single-loop learning strategies go wrong, to ensure that non-operating cash outflows are assessed. Quantitative analysis of all the key ratios has a vital role to play in this by adopting project appraisal through incremental cash flow analysis, exploiting the productive lifecycle. Combined with optimal use of human resources, big is no longer impregnable building a dynamic relationship between the main players. In a collaborative, forward-thinking venture brought together through the merging of like minds.

Events and Anouncements

Please visit the Announcements page for more information on the upcoming events that might be of interest to you.